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An adidas Girls Grassroots Basketball Organization

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Established as a basketball organization in 2007. The San Antonio's Finest Basketball Organization (SAFBO) is a not for profit 501 (c) (3)corporation. SAFBO has made a positive impact on youth in the state of Texas and on the national level. In our seventh year of existence, our primary goal is still to provide an educational and national-level competitive basketball program that focuses on learning, fundamentals, leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Mission & Goals

Welcome to San Antonio’s Finest Basketball

SA Finest Commits


 Brooke Allemand (4 yr Finest)-Univ. New Mexico

 Brianna Jones (4 yr Finest)- Wichita State

 Kayla White (5 yr Finest)- Wichita State

 Tesha Smith (2 yr Finest)- UTSA

 La'Qeisha Brown  (3 yr Finest)- Temple Jr College

 Jackie Anderson (5 yr Finest)- Loyola Univ. NO


 Carlie Heineman (6 yr Finest)- UTSA

 Recee Caldwell (7 yr Finest)- UCLA

 Tenaeya Boclaire (5 yr Finest)- Univ. Utah

 Avery Queen (6 yr Finest)- Univ. Denver

 Erika  Champman (2 yr Finest)- Air Force

 Gabbie Bowie (3 yr Finest)- Univ. Utah

 Wendy Knight (7 yr Finest)- Rice Univ.

 Eliza Martinez (5 yr Finest)- Grand Canyon Univ.

SA Finest Teams

SA Finest Girls is a sponsored adidas Grassroots private basketball organization with the following teams and their rosters.



v  Blue

v  High School

v  White

v  8th Grade

v  Gold

v  5th Grade

v  Diamond

v  Future

v  Green

SA Finest News